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Every student, every day

We serve as a model of exemplary Christian education, meeting the needs of PreK-2 to 8th-grade learners.
  • 14:1 Student Teacher Ratio
  • 120 Hours of Service
  • 92.6% Attendance Rate
  • 4 Number of Students Who Earned High School Credit Last Year
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About Us

Our school is a warm, loving family where your child will learn and grow while cultivating a strong relationship with the Lord. As a distinctly Christian school, we prioritize our relationship with God and our service to one another. We work diligently to create roads to success for every student, every day.
We are a leading, faith-centered, educational institution, in the North Miami area and we embrace the wonderful opportunity we have been given to shape the future, through our students!

News & Announcements

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Our Commitment

We commit to learning continually.
We believe that learning is critical to shaping your child’s life and we are committed to providing a robust learning environment for our students while continuing our own professional development so we are able to serve your child well. 
We commit to loving intentionally.
We believe that children learn best in places where they feel loved, accepted, and valued. We commit to loving our students fully.
We commit to leading joyfully.
As educators, tasked with shaping the leaders of tomorrow, we embrace our call with fervor and enthusiasm, setting an example of joyful leadership for our students.


Principal Scott

Principal's Message

Welcome to our school! I am so pleased to welcome our new students as well as our returning students. We have made many recent improvements to our campus and we continue to expand our extra-curricular programs to ensure that all students may make the most of their time and explore a broad variety of interests. We believe that parent participation is key to student success; our new website is designed to provide parents with all the information they need to be active participants in their student’s education. You will find that the site works just as well on mobile devices as it does on a desktop so you can find information on the go. As always, I am happy to receive feedback and suggestions and my door is always open. Here’s to another great year!